How to mint (Purchase) Ballman NFTs STEP BY STEP

1- Create a MetaMask wallet

This is the first and very important step. The MetaMask wallet is going to be your virtual cryptocurrency and NFT wallet, which you are going to use for minting (= buying), holding, and potentially for selling your Ballman NFT in the future. You can download and set up your MetaMask wallet here:

IMPORTANT: Do not use other websites to download/install/ or log in to your MetaMask wallet. This is the only official website, and you should always double check if you are on this MetaMask website before installing MetaMask or logging in to your MetaMask.

You can install MetaMask as an extension onto these browsers (and you should only use these browsers for the minting): Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Edge.

2- Create a Swissborg or Coinbase or Binance account to buy your cryptocurrencies

You can only buy Ballman NFTs with crypto. In our case, that is going to be ETH - or also “Ethereum”. After setting up your Coinbase, Binance, or any other crypto-exchange account, you can buy the ETH there that you will then use to purchase your Ballman NFTs.

You will need ETH + some extra to pay for the Ethereum “GAS FEES” (transaction costs of the Blockchain). After having bought the ETH, transfer it to your MetaMask wallet that you have created in the first step. Simply copy the MetaMask address of your MetaMask and send the ETH to this address from your Swissborg or Coinbase or Binance account.

3- Buy Ballman NFTs on our website!

Now, you are ready to buy the Ballman NFTs on our website, when the linting time comes! First, connect your MetaMask to our website(click the MetaMask extension in your browser and connect it to the website), then simply choose the desired number of Ballman you want to mint, and click the mint button. Minting dates will soon be announced on our Discord.